Some of you may have been aware of the DonkeyBusiness retweeter bot @DonkeyBMGC  (read the end for actual info)

It was something i set up a quite a while ago, for the purpose of connecting the community even more, via social media. Now the bot so far has required that retweets come from certain people within the community, that I have manually added to it's approved list, tweeted to the bot account, and that used a certain hashtag. Being that this required manual labour, it has not been hugely sucessfull and it was also only used by a few people, primarily the content creators within the community I knew of at the time.

Now, I aim to automate as much of our functions as possible, as it's the only viable way I see to run this thing without it depending on any one person to be alive, and as such, introducing.... *drumroll* DonkeyTwitterbot v2 !

The new bot will search twitter for #DBMGC (DonkeyBusiness MultiGaming Community) and retweet it. that's it. No approval process or lists or anything. (naturally this MAY lead to spam if the wrong people catches a hold of it, but I have expect that it wil never be a trending tag.. :P otherwise we will deal with that if it happens.

So from now on, if you have anything to share with the DonkeyBusiness community, Hashtag it #DBMGC and tweet away!  Also, to see news from the community, you obviously have to follow @DonkeyBMGC

RT's from the Donkeybot will as you have probably seen, also show up on the right-side feed on this page.

In addition to this being something that streamers, youtubers, bloggers, server admins etc should use to quickly inform us all of their newest update, creation or being live, I hope the rest of the community will also use it to share news about new games, internet culture, and generally interesting and funny things :) To the keyboard!

For a long time now I've been waiting/hoping for some of the community to be able to provide written game/internet culture content to the website, so I am happy to share that we have a couple of bloggers amongst us! :) Veteran member Ysharros has been hiding this little gem away until now: , whilst as Atherne shares her gaming adventures here: :) Check them out!

The community content creator list has been updated, and if you have not checked it out in a while, find it here and check out our streamers, bloggers, youtubers and hosts:

I do not want to steal the content of content creators exlusively for this site, but I would like for this page to be a portal for both live image and written word, so I'm currently trying to figure out if theres any way I can automate snippets of external blogs being shared, with a "read more" type link added to redirect to the bloggers website. We have something of the sort working for streams allready: , and one is in the works for video:

That being said, if you are one that wishes to contribute articles directly to this site, or wants to help mod forums, host events, or anything really, let me know :)

StarWars Galaxies, my alltime favourite MMO. A game and time and set of experiences I have a borderline romantic relationship with. ..As those of you who've hung around during stream etc. are well aware :D

SWG, a cult status MMO, widely recoginzed as having the most intriquing crafting and resource system ever seen, along with multitudes of other aspects of mmo design that has ben lost and missed in later years. Released in 2003 and shut down in 2011, SWG recieved some massively unpopular game altering changes in 2005, resulting in a voulanteer community setting out to remake the original game from scratch / reverse engineering. This Project is called SWGEMU. I've followed SWGEMU for many years, but havent started playing it; in part because of it's unfinished status, in part because of the previously troublesome install, and mostly because I feared playing again so much later would ruin my good memories from before.

However. There is kind of a draught in interesting new MMOs these days, not to mention I've spent a decade unsucessfully searching for a game to reproduce the awesomeness that was SWG. The install is smooth now, the game is fleshed out and not VERY buggy, and the GFX are surprisngly not as dated as I thought they would be :D

So I went ahead a few days ago and inched my way back into the game, and I am enjoying it. I am actually surprised even now at the deep complexity of this game when it comes to class/ crafting/ resource systems. But SWG was always about people, and as I can't be arsed to get to know new people just yet, I am hereby issuing a donkeybusiness general order to come play with me!

The install can look slightly daunting, but suffice to say that for anyone with any knowledge of computers and the internet, 10-15 mins of concentration and creativity along with THIS GUIDE will sort that out easily. 

- Obz

Hey guys!

I been a little less then active on the page for a bit now, but you all know that's how I roll by now (and also that I am always looking for people to help feed news and info onto this page and organize fun events, cause I simply dont have the capacity to do it consistently myself) but enough about that!

I got a few days more then easter off now, and here is the games I plan to visit on stream and eventually on video as well:

  • SkyForge: Not sure how I feel about this game yet, but I keep wanting to play it even after 4 days now so..
  • SkySaga: Got VIP access now, so we shall be visiting here again!
  • Pathfinder Online: Been a lot of updates, to to test it a bit further then last time
  • Origins of Malu: I should have my access to this game shortly and I been waiting a long time :D
  • Gigantic: Is under NDA currently, but I've applied for a video and stream exception, so if I get it.. yea :)

If you have other suggestions, please throw them my way! preferably not in private tells, because my memory is terribad, only topped by my lack of organizing ability.

We tried this ut yesterday and it seems a neat Social Sunday candidate :) Can do 5 v 5 custom matches amongst other things. Game is in early beta and free if you can get a beta key. There are some giveaways around the internet, som of which you can find on our forums, and as wel you can sign up for it on their pages and should get a key fairly fast if you hurry :)

Not entirely sure when the Social Sunday will start this time streaming/me-wise, but feel free to go ahead before I arive. (I got some social real life stuff to do first, so I wont be on til the evening).

Not all site improvements are milestones.. But, when you are bored at work and run out of news and comics on the internet, and all you got is MsPaint; this is what happens.

This is now the default avatar. (you may have to ctrl+F5 to see it if you got the website cached)

Until you change your forum avatar, you wil look like this instead of the previous blank         outline image.  Enjoy!

We now own and it makes no difference whether you go to or in the future. it leads to the same place but maintains the URL that you started with. i.e goes to the same site/img as  

This is part of a continued effort to make this site be truly a community hub and not an obzzarver fansite. It's been on my mind for a long time, as it's kinda redundant with the double URLs, and since to be honest it's been for the most part me running and building it - I need to somehow direct trafic both to my media channels to finance the thing. But at the same time I know and understand how the past url options give the wrong impression.

- I am hoping that this adition will further the sense of ownership of the page and it's content for the whole community (i.e I need more news writers/scouts!) :P

This has been worked on for some time now, and turned out much better then I could have hoped! You can find this page on the top menu, and what it does is (or will be once I add the correct channels) Display streams+chat from our streaming community members. It gives info on online/offline status, number of viewers, which game etc. The online stream with the most views is displayed live on top, and the rest below as still images with status. I am very happy with this custom made feature for our community, based off of the twitch list project by maegis, and heavily improved and made into plugin form by one of my RL friends. In not to long, a mini version of it will also be found as a sidepanel module, displaying only the currently largest online livestream, with no other details then the video. So, if you are a DonkeyBusiness Member who are streaming, or are looking to become one, let me know to get on the list, to help all our members always have a donkeybusiness stream to hang out in :)

Block'n Load was just revealed, and Beta signups are up.  In short its a team based arena / shooter in a minecraft type world, where building and fighting is mixed together supposedly in a way that works.. I dunno, I haven't played it, but it looks interesting, and beta is free so. whoop!

I don't wanna sell their game for them, this game is free and you can perfectly well play it without spending a dollar. However, if you have been looking for an entry point, or simply never heard of it, this is a pretty decent starting offer. Premium membership earns you roughly twice the rewards, so it's just about progression speed for more blocks/parts. Buying one of these premade robots though, even if only for the parts, usually gives you an increased cpu cap (meaning you can build more complex robots for your tier, i.e more blocks). TBH, I will edit this article later, as I just saw this and havent been able to confirm that this particular robot has a higher then standard tier 7 cpu cap, so stay tuned (edit: its T6, so little less CPU then other robots for sale, but yes, has CPU upgrade) :P Even so, it's the cheapest Ive seen thus far for this amount of parts, so check it out :)

Might not seem like a big news, as we allready had a server. Thing is, that server was not ours, but this new one is :) The Official DonkeyBusiness Multigaming Community TeamSpeak 3 server from now on can be found on the top dropdown menu here on this page. As with recent game servers, it has a group payment contribution option, making anyone able to pay a coin or two directly onto the upkeep of the server, which I find very practical. I would urge everyone to from now on start using the new server, so as to not put further stress on the one that was not ours.

As of right now Myself and Keller are the only admins, but that will quickly change as I have a word with more of the longtime members :)


Better late then never! I've been a little busy messing with the site these days, but I've now bought up a Farming Simulator 15 server which is currently live for 1 month. It includes a donation link directly towards the server if people wants to keep it alive beyond that :) it's set to hard at the moment, and I need a few server admins. It's grand introduction will be this weekend, but you can allready start farming! Find the details on the new server info menu above!


We had a lot of fun last saturday in the brand new Farming Simulator 15, so I figured we do it again this saturday :) (saturday because that leaves us the option to continue on sunday if we so choose). Many also expressed an interest in chipping in for a dedicated server, and if that's stil the case, let us discuss it in this this thread here. I need quick replies, feedback and stepping up on this, as I'm as usuall unlikely to be the most active longterm player, and thus should not be the admin.:)

So it seems most of us that got into evolve this weekend got some spare keys. And what else is DonkeyBusiness for but to share the love! Send people that has spare keys or are missing a key, to this thread!
Remember, it only lasts this weekend, so no use holding on to them. (I think). Keep checking back as more codes probably come during the day(s).
It's not gonna be supar organized, so just try these codes on steam, if they don't work, they been taken:

Just a heads up :) if theres anything you been waiting to buy on steam, now might be a good chance to grab it cheap. (although I imagine we're not far from another big sale come santa.. Anyways, loads and loads of games up cheap now, seems to be vaguely halloween themed games mostly (like anything involving zombies or otherwise scary or dark things). Check it out here:

It looks like I can/must finally remove my glorious photoshopped tattas from my twitch stream. Came across this article in one of the leading norwegian newspapers about twitch now cracking down on nudity and clevage based channels. Heres an english article: My photoshop boobies was always meant as a protest against all dem boob streams, so I'm kinda happy about it. What do you think?

You can now (if you are fast) grab you beta key for Trove from a number of places. If the ones at is out, please post your findings of other sources for keys in THIS Forum thread. If you have other great tips for giveaways, Post em up in the Giveaways section of the forum :)